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Keep on rolling!

Things may be a little different at MTS these days, but we’re committed to keeping our riders and employees safe while providing essential service to San Diego.

Face Coverings

All riders are required to wear face masks or face coverings while on an MTS vehicle or at an MTS stop or station. Remember – facial coverings should cover your nose and mouth for the entire trip! (Riders should still practice covering their mouth when they sneeze or cough as well, even with a face mask on.)

Germ Barriers & Rear Door Boarding

We’re installing germ barriers to protect our bus operators. These barriers will also allow us to resume front door boarding and open up the front of vehicles to give passengers more space to spread out while on board. In the meantime, riders can board through the rear door (unless you require use of the ramp to board!).

Clean Hands

If you’re able, we recommend using hand sanitizer before and after touching any shared surface. Handwashing stations are available at all Trolley stops for passenger use as well.

Social Distancing

While on board or at a stop/station, be sure to keep 6 feet away from others, whenever possible. Pick a seat that leaves as much distance between you and other passengers as you can.

No-Contact Fares

Use the Compass Cloud mobile ticketing app to get your one-way fares, day passes and 30-day passes. Cash is not accepted on buses when rear-door boarding is in effect – but fares are required to ride.

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